“Shelter in Place” by Nora Roberts ★★★★ [Expected Release Date: May 29, 2018]

I received an ARC of this title from St. Martin’s Press through a Goodreads giveaway contest. My thanks to both as Nora Roberts is one of my favorite authors. The expected release date is May 29, 2018.

The story centers on a mass shooting which took place at a typical American shopping mall when our two main characters were both teenagers. We see how this single event transformed both of their lives and steered them along their own paths, both learning how to survive the aftermath in their own ways. One becomes a police officer who eventually partners with one of the first responders to the shooting. As other survivors start to meet untimely deaths years after the event, gut instinct tells them they may be connected and perhaps they didn’t get all of the perpetrators like they first thought.

We see inside the mind of a psychopath, a brilliant person who is completely diabolical, with no sense of remorse or apparent conscience; someone who spews hatred toward everyone, especially those of a different race, religion, or sexual preference. Whenever those thoughts were expressed, it was uncomfortable because in this current political climate we see so many of these views shared by our very own “kind and friendly” neighbors and family members.

As always, I’m impressed by how Nora is able to create male characters who are believable in the way they talk and act. They can show emotion and tenderness right along with a sense of humor and strength. I love how she creates families out of friendship groups. I love how she can give us examples of successful people who are already content in their lives and who can easily merge with others to create romantic relationships without unnecessary angst.

This story focuses more on the suspense factor and allowing the characters to solve the mystery and track the killer and lets the love story progress naturally with no drama coming from inside the relationship itself.

Shelter in Place by Nora Roberts

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