Crusader series by Kathryn LeVeque, Audio narrated by Brian J. Gill ★★★1/2

The Crusader (#1); and Kingdom Come (#2)

This is a general overview of the prequel, The Crusader, and the second book, Kingdom Come. A modern-day archaeologist, Rory Cosgrove, uncovers an incredibly well-preserved knight, Sir Kieran Hage, a friend of, and loyal to, King Richard the Lionheart from the Third Crusade. She becomes obsessed with him after reading his journal which was included with his possessions. After his descendants demand his remains be turned over into their care, she breaks into the morgue where he is being stored in order to say goodbye to him. As she is sobbing, she gives him a kiss, which revives him, later learning that he was put into a stasis by an alchemist after being injured in battle and was only to be revived after receiving a kiss from his one true love.

The story continues with the second book when they are hurled back to the 12th century. Rory–called Libby by Sir Kieran–does not acclimate well to medieval times. She is wearisome, to say the least, with all of her demands and complaints, especially considering she had a Ph.D. in this time period. I’m not sure why she was so surprised about the conditions or about what would be considered normal behavior by a woman of those times. She continually went against Kieran’s wishes even when he patiently explained that it was for her own safety. Her carelessness ends up causing a great disaster.

Overall, I did enjoy the story, although I found Rory to be ridiculous. Kieran was unbelievably modern in his thinking, but the combination of his strength, courage, patience, and tenderness made him an awesome heroic figure.

I need to mention one thing about the audiobook version because I have never encountered this before and it actually shocked me and made me laugh out loud. About two minutes from the end of Chapter 21 of 26 (not sure how this would equate to a paper version of the book), but at a time when a character is holding a little baby and is singing to it to soothe its crying, the narrator, in a “breaking through the fourth wall” moment, is heard to say, “Oh, Lord. Another bloody song. I have no idea what this song is.” I understand. He already had to live through the experience of singing Queen’s “We Will Rock You” (and it wasn’t pretty). haha Love it!

The Crusader by Kathryn Le VequeKingdom Come by Kathryn Le Veque

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