“The Accident” by Chris Pavone ★★★

The Accident ZurichAlthough the premise behind this story was interesting, I think I wanted it to be more exciting than it actually was.  Instead, the story felt drawn out and rather ho-hum, especially for a suspense novel.

In short, this follows multiple characters (literary agents, CIA operatives, politicians, and the author him/herself) around the globe throughout one long day, all connected to each other by an explosive manuscript authored by “Anonymous” which, if published, would out a well-known media mogul and several others, including a high-ranking politician and the CIA, for their complicity surrounding the murder of an innocent girl over 30 years prior, not to mention the ensuing lies, betrayals, and additional murders that took place for years after the initial crime, all in the name of keeping the secret about the true circumstances that led to “the accident”.

The Accident NYCThis story gives an inside look into the publishing industry, although an embellished view, I’m sure, as I doubt they rarely have opportunities to receive highly flammable information like this in their hands before its secrets would reach the likes of a mainstream news source such as CNN, or even a gossip site like TMZ or The Smoking Gun.

We also follow a couple of supposed CIA operatives whose job it is to recover and destroy any and all copies of the manuscript, even if lethal force is required.  My understanding is that one of these operatives was a side character in Chris Pavone’s previous novel, The Expats.  Although this is not cited to be an actual sequel to The Expats, others say that this book does give spoilers that would affect the reading of the first, so take that information as you will.

Although this novel wasn’t 5-stars for me, it was interesting enough that I am inclined to someday read The Expats, which was the recipient of the Edgar Award for Best First Novel by an American Author.

The Accident by Chris Pavone


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