“Joy Ride” by Lauren Blakely, #5 Big Rock ★★★

Joy Ride by Lauren Blakely
#5 Big Rock
Narrated by Sebastian York

This is a romance between two gearheads, Max Summers and Henley Rose Marlowe. Five years prior, Henley was Max’s shop assistant, and one of the most skilled he’d ever met, but things ended on a bad note between them when heated words led to his firing her. Now Henley’s back in NYC, working for Max’s top business rival. At the request of an important mutual client, they need to team up on souping up a hot rod for a television show. This requires them to be in close proximity and eventually come to terms with their mutual dislike for (and infuriating attraction to) each other.

I found the characters very likable, but unfortunately, the progression of their relationship happened too fast to be believable. Yes, they had known each other and worked together years before, but it seemed like the jump from the heated realization that they both wanted each other to the immediate need to growl at anyone else in her vicinity, and their quick rush to declare their love, was a little too fairytale for my taste. I like when we can see the progression by listening to their dialogue rather than just being told that they have found their happily ever after.

Joy Ride by Lauren Blakely #5 Big Rock

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