“Wanderlust” by Lauren Blakely ★★★★★

Wanderlust eiffel tower at night

Audio narrated by Grace Grant & Richard Armitage (Excellent!)

Well, this story is near to perfection.

I was able to borrow the audiobook as it is currently part of Audible’s Romance Package. I have to say, however, that I will end up purchasing it because it is now on my favorites list and I’ll enjoy listening to it again in the future. Both narrators were excellent, but there is something truly wonderful about Richard Armitage’s baritone voice. I was impressed by his French and American accents as well as his normal lovely British accent. My two cents? Get the audio!

Richard Armitage

This story is about two expats living and working in Paris, both with their own life goals. Joy is an American scientist who specializes in scents and is currently creating perfume. She recently moved to France from Texas after a difficult breakup and is looking forward to fitting in with Parisian life. She is focused on her career and starting over. She knows very basic French and needs a translator to assist her as she is heading up a project with a team of French scientists in her field.

Her translator, Griffin, is a British man who is working on successfully completing a list of goals which his brother wrote shortly before he died. Griffin feels honor bound to fulfill his brother’s last wishes. This translator job is the last one Griffin has scheduled in Paris before moving on to complete a marathon in Indonesia and travel the world. They have three months to get Joy on track to be self-sufficient in the language while Griffin checks items off his brother’s bucket list. Their plans and their timing don’t afford them the luxury of falling in love. Unfortunately, they are perfect for each other, so they decide to get the most out of life and enjoy their friendship-turned-romance for as long as they can.

I loved how the author brought the city to life. After reading this, you’ll feel a bit more familiar with Paris and the beauty of its old buildings and surprises hidden here and there, along with the history embedded in its metal and stone. I also appreciated how Joy described her sense of wanting to belong as well as her frustration of not being able to converse with people fully. That is something that is really daunting for me about being in foreign countries. I feel kind of stupid and slightly guilty when I don’t speak their native tongue. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to actually live in a foreign country and not be able to speak fluently.

Wanderlust elephant gargoyle on Notre Dame

I also really enjoyed the characters. Even when they were feeling bereft knowing they would have to part, they were both very mature about it and put the others’ needs first. I loved their rapport, their humor, and their chemistry. Great characters, great setting, great writing. This one is a keeper.

Wanderlust by Lauren Blakely

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