“Rush” by Maya Banks, #1 Breathless ★★★

Unfortunately, there were many, many “NO’s” going through my head as I read this book.

The hero was a selfish jerk pretending to be a dominant alpha male (he was actually a bit of a coward). The “relationship” starts off with a wealthy and powerful businessman, Gabe Hamilton, requiring a signed contract from his best friend’s little sister before engaging in a sex-only relationship with the woman 14 years younger than he. The contract is similar to what was found in 50 Shades of Grey, hence the common comparison between the two series.

Mia signs her life away with the supposed benefit of being protected and taken care of. Instead, the hero actually puts her in a situation where she is not only treated like an all-out whore (which she admittedly signed up for) but then she is actually assaulted by men he’s doing business with. Is this real life? Are there actually a lot of businessmen out there who make arrangements like this? Yuck. It’s so…Trump-like. Ick. Gabe then follows that up by basically recreating her assault in order to show her “how good the experience can be” when it is done right.

I do have to say that there is much more to the plot than 50SOG, so don’t let this necessarily scare you off. Maya Banks’ writing is on a much higher level and she does write a good story. There were multiple instances where I wanted to shake the author, but just because I don’t always like the characters or their decisions, I have to remind myself that it is erotica (someone’s fantasy=not real) and not to get too judgy like I would if it was one of my Facebook friends *snort* (kidding).

Rush by Maya Banks

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