“You Can’t Spell America Without ME: The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year as President Donald J. Trump (a So-Called Parody)” by Alec Baldwin, Kurt Anderson ★★★

Somewhat funny parody of a not-so-funny reality TV showman political figure. The “joke” gets tired very quickly, partly due to the fact that it seems legit, secondly due to the fact that humor like this should really be relegated to short sketches, not several hours of continuous listening. It does, however, give a decent overall rundown of events within the first year of 45’s presidency. Of course, these events are exaggerated (mostly) and meant to entertain (if laughing while crying is considered entertainment).

The audio is narrated by three different individuals and the transfer from one narrator to the other (each narrator gets exasperated with playing Trump) and is supposed to be done with humor but it is not handled smoothly. The best narration by far is done by Alec Baldwin himself who uses his on-the-mark Trump voice throughout. After a couple of hours, he gives up and passes it on to the other author, Kurt Andersen, who after several hours passes it onto a third reader. The very end features Alec again, just to remind us of the initial humorous concept.

You Can't Spell America Without ME by Alec Baldwin and Kurt Andersen

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