“Come Away With Me” by Kristen Proby #1 With Me in Seattle ★★1/2


Come Away With Me - Alki Beach

View from Alki Beach, Seattle, Washington


Come Away With Me
#1 With Me in Seattle
Audio narrated by Jennifer Mack & Eric Michael Summerer

Seattle photographer, Natalie Conner, is taking early-morning pictures on Alki Beach when a man angrily demands she hand over her camera. While she thinks she is being mugged, in actuality the man is a famous actor who thinks she is part of the paparazzi. Luke Williams is recovering from overexposure after achieving great success from a series of vampire movies, now working behind the scenes as a movie producer. He also was burned by a former girlfriend in a very public way, which is the root cause of his anger, distrust, and jealousy.

Even at their “meet-cute”, you can see signs of an angry, controlling man–one who doesn’t allow his girlfriend to even take on clients who are single men. It goes downhill from there, in my opinion. For most of this novel, I had a hard time believing this was not going to end up being a psychological thriller.

Strangely enough, this undercurrent of menace was contrasted by the female audiobook narrator whose voice was irritatingly a vacillation between Snow White and Madonna’s “Santa Baby”. She did a fine job portraying the hero’s voice, but any other male voices were, unfortunately, a caricature. Her normal voice is pleasant enough, but I’m sorry to say the voice acting was a disappointment and distracting. The male narrator was only used in the epilogue for some reason. He was okay. The combination of the female narrator’s voice and the sometimes eye-rolling storyline was not good.

I’m thinking there was a sale on romance story tropes and the author took advantage:

good man done wrong✔

rape victim✔

bad boy turns good✔



extreme wealth, beauty, and/or fame✔

The story itself had potential but was too muddied up by the characters’ unending and superficial descriptions of their talent, their success, their wealth, and good lord, their beauty. It was hard to take their relationship seriously when they just screwed all the time (yeah, I said it).

Come Away With Me by Kristen Proby  #1 With Me in Seattle series

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