“Luckiest Girl Alive” by Jessica Knoll ★★★

Audio narrated by Madeline Maby.

A driven and seemingly successful young woman seems to have it all: a handsome and wealthy fiance who loves her, a great job in New York City, and deep pockets available for planning her upcoming wedding. Her inner dialogue and behavior toward others, however, shows how superficial she really is. She is obsessed with how others see her, she is in constant competition with others, and is simply not happy. Her fiance treats her like a pet he has rescued and she secretly wishes for someone in her life who truly “gets” her.

Her problems seem to stem from some tragic incidents which occurred when she was in high school; however, her need to please was there long before that. She was determined to fit in with the popular crowd and was willing to do almost anything to be included in their group. She is thrust back into reliving past events when she is asked to participate in a documentary taking place at her former high school.

Even though the story seemed to be tied up in a bow, I still felt the ending was slightly nebulous simply for the fact that she is a skilled liar and manipulator. I felt this made her an unreliable narrator to the story and it left me with doubts about her and her version of the story, as well as guilt for doubting her, considering what she had been through. I felt pulled between being devastated for her while at the same time still not liking her one bit.

Interesting story with multiple twists.

Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

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