“Unexpected Rush”, #11 Play-by-Play by Jaci Burton ★★

Unexpected Rush
Play-by-Play #11
Audio narrated by Lucy Malone

Barrett Cassidy plays defense for the Tampa Bay Hawks football team. Falls for his interior designer, Harmony Evans, who is helping with a remodel of his new home. She also happens to be his best friend’s younger sister. Barrett fails to tell the overprotective brother that he is dating his sister until it is too late. This causes unnecessary drama, especially considering Harmony was the sexual aggressor and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Laughably bad. Immature characters who constantly brag about themselves, issues that shouldn’t even be real problems are blown way out of proportion by everyone, and the sex scenes were ridiculous and actually made me laugh. This was NOT an enjoyable read.

Unexpected Rush by Jaci Burton

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