“Dirty Pleasures”, #2 Dirty Billionaire Trilogy by Meghan March ★★★1/2

Audio narrated by Elena Wolfe & Sebastian York (excellent)

I snagged this audio from the library not realizing it was the middle book of a trilogy, so I was a little lost regarding why this couple was already married but didn’t really know or love each other. From the bits and pieces I picked up, it appears they had a one-night stand then the heroine took off the next morning. The hero (a well-known businessman/billionaire) was intrigued and took to social media (possibly?) to track her down. They made some arrangement (for purposes I still don’t understand but had something to do with saving her music career) and married shortly thereafter.

This installment starts with Holly Wix, an upcoming country music singer who had recently won a music contest (probably similar to American Idol or Nashville Star), leaving a goodbye note for her new husband, billionaire Creighton Karas, after he stood her up. She hops on her tour bus and leaves town without any further adieu. He goes to some effort to chase after her, then proceeds to take control over her life (without her permission), i.e. hiring a security detail and working to get her out of a music contract which was totally taking advantage of her.

Their chemistry is off the charts and initially is the only way the two of them know how to connect or communicate with each other. He starts to show vulnerability about how he feels about her, but she is the only one who cannot see it. She knows she is truly falling for him but is too afraid to show it. They are starting to let down their guard with each other when she is blindsided by something from his past, ending this installment on a cliffhanger.

The characters were actually well developed and the plot line grabbed me right away. This was enjoyable and I will pick up the other installments of this story. I would definitely recommend that they are read in order, however, especially considering these are shorter stories in a serial.

Dirty Pleasures by Meghan March #2 Dirty Billionaires Trilogy

FYI, Other Books in this Series:

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