“Overheard” by Maya Banks, #2 Unspoken ★★1/2

Audio narrated by Chandra Skyye

Gracie Evans is overheard by one of her guy friends discussing what she really wants from a sexual relationship. Luke Forsythe is immediately intrigued. Even though they have always considered themselves part of a tightknit group of (platonic) best friends, he quickly makes plans for a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend which eventually includes another of their friends, Wes. Awkwardness throughout when Luke starts taking her out on dates where Gracie is continually stymied about why they are going out together and they both are fumbling around trying to find things to talk about. The only time they act comfortable around each other is when things become heated.

Their background involves a lot of hunting trips as a group where they try to outdo each other to see who can kill the largest animal. There is also a weird fetish about eating barbecue. Gracie’s excitement on more than one occasion about the prospect of having chicken barbecue was a little weird to me. (Sincere apologies from a Yankee here–maybe I just don’t get it.)

I found this to be awkward throughout and the scenario unbelievable. The fact that it was a novella could be part of the problem of not giving me enough time to believe that their platonic friendship could so quickly evolve into them playing out a menage fantasy. This gets a “no” vote from me.

Overheard by Maya Banks

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