“Bad Boys On Board” Anthology including Lori Foster, Donna Kauffman, and Nancy Warren ★★★★

Anthology containing:
“My House, My Rules” by Lori Foster
“Going Down?” by Donna Kauffman
“A Fast Ride” by Nancy Warren

1. Ariel Mathers falls for ex-boyfriend’s older brother, Sam Watson. She runs into him in a bar and tries to protect him from a beating outside, not realizing he’s working undercover and has backup ready to step in for the arrest. He’s an alpha male and tries to scare her off and deny his own attraction to her but she’s a determined virgin. lol

2. Callie Montgomery is recovering after divorcing her cheating spouse and is focused on her career and climbing the corporate ladder. Her boss asks her to stay late until an important client is finished with an international conference call. As she is guiding the client out of the building, the power goes out and they are trapped in the elevator until morning. It’s pitch black, making it easier for them to talk openly and make a connection which makes them re-think what they want out of life.

3. Nell Tennant revives a member of a motorcycle gang after he crashes his bike in front of her house. When he comes to, he’s suffering from amnesia but seems to think she’s his girlfriend and draws comfort from that. She’s recently been hurt by her ex and is inexplicably drawn to Wes Doman and thinks “since he’s a guy” he probably won’t care about the pretense. Unfortunately, she didn’t plan on actually falling in love. That causes a bit of a problem when his memory returns and they learn who he really is.

These are all a bit of the alpha male instant lust-love stories so you can’t think too hard about the actual probability of events like this occurring in real life, but they are fun to read, so just go with it.

Bad Boys On Board

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