“Tempting the Boss” by Ruby Foxx (Opal Carew), #1 Tempting the Boss ★★

I received a free download of this story from the author, Ruby Foxx aka Opal Carew (thank you).

Bella is just finishing up her contractual time in a temporary job but wishes to be hired on as a full-time employee. Her boss, Mr. Elliott, calls her in to fire her, not due to her work performance but because he is inappropriately attracted to her. Well, golly-gee, she’s attracted to him too. She offers to perform extra services in order to remain an employee of the company. He agrees, she immediately provides what was offered…and that’s pretty much it. Yes, in real life this would be a lawsuit waiting to happen. As is, it’s a hit to feminists everywhere but you just have to go with it because it’s a fantasy.

I’ve read other books written by Opal, so I know she is a talented author. This low rating does not reflect on her skill or ability to tell a good story. This particular short story, however, left no feeling of emotional connection between the two characters whatsoever, not counting the wham-bam sexual connection. It was simply book porn. I don’t mind erotica, but if there is no development of the story or the characters, then I will take a pass.

The writing style in this novel was good, but the feeling it left me with about the characters was kind of yucky. My guess is if their story continued, that feeling would go away. If this was a sampler for a continuing story, however, it didn’t make me want to read on.

Tempting the Boss by Ruby Foxx aka Opal Carew

2 thoughts on ““Tempting the Boss” by Ruby Foxx (Opal Carew), #1 Tempting the Boss ★★

  1. Interesting and thoughtful review. I agree its the quality of character and the interactions which gives stories like this their energy. The mechanics of the meeting are generally well known and have to be very cleverly described to generate any sustained interest, or am I being too purist !?


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