FYI: Great “Audible Originals” podcast featuring our favorite authors!

I first want to say that this is a sincere recommendation.  This is not an advertisement for this particular audio book company.  I’m getting nothing from this other than (hopefully) a discussion with some of you regarding your thoughts on this series after you give it a listen.

Perhaps you are already aware of this feature, but Audible has a podcast channel called “Audible Originals” in which many of our favorite authors are interviewed.  It looks like this has been available for a year or so, but I live off the hipness grid, I guess, because I just discovered it and ended up marathoning close to 9 hours of listening today alone.

Today I got through all of Season 2 (12 episodes) titled “Love and Romance” where Faith Salie–who is so AMAZING at giving interviews, I wish I could put her name in a sparkly font–spoke to authors such as:

Eloisa James – pen name for Mary Bly, a tenured professor of English Literature at Fordham University, and daughter of Robert Bly, poet and essayist and founder of the controversial mythopoetic men’s movement.  The what?  Here, I’ll save you a click and copy from Wiki:

The mythopoetic men’s movement refers to a loose collection of organizations active in men’s work since the early 1980s. It grew as a reaction to the second-wave feminist movement and aims to liberate men from the constraints of the modern world which keep them from being in touch with their true masculine nature.

Nicholas Sparks – rather full of himself, in my opinion

Sharon Olds – poet

Beverly Jenkins – author of historical and contemporary romance novels with a particular focus on 19th century African-American life.

Damon Suede – writes gay romance and sounds like an all-around awesome dude.

Curtis Sittenfeld – She’s the author of American Wife, Prep, Man of My Dreams, etc.

Terry McMillan – Author of How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Waiting to Exhale, etc.

Sophie Kinsella – (pen name for Madeline Wickham–yes, THAT Madeline Wickham. Did you know?)

Kami Garcia – (writes YA)

Julia Quinn – (another fun interview)

and Larissa Pham – (eccentric, brilliant, and interesting).

I’m sharing this because I truly enjoyed it.  The interviews were original–none of the standard questions that are always asked, sometimes they even played games.  Faith Salie and her guests had FUN.  The interviews were irreverent and edgy.  There were extra snippets of conversations with various experts regarding whichever subject she discussed with the “main” authors, a lexicographer regarding historical slang, an editor for a major publishing house, an expert on love poems, Diana Gabaldon, y’all, regarding tips on writing romance, professional voice actors who record audio books, etc.

If you are a member of Audible, check it out.  It’s free to download.

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