“The Last Resort” by Ember Leigh ★★★

The Last Resort blizzard

[I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.]

Rose Delaney, who calls herself a “baby” bounty hunter, is returning a toddler to her mother after removing the child from her father’s negligent care. While en route, she finds herself caught in whiteout conditions in a severe Pennsylvania blizzard. They are rescued by two brothers, Garrett and Wesley Galo, who are restoring an older hotel to its original grandeur. They offer Rose and little Emmy, whom they presume are mother and daughter, a room among the construction zone for the few days until the storm passes.

Rose and Garrett are instantly drawn together. They have similar personalities and both enjoy teasing each other. Whether it is Garrett pitching in to help care for Emmy or even when they work together on building projects in the hotel, they act like partners and enjoy just being together. There is a lot of humor and bantering between the two, and an honest sweetness as they deal with their internal struggles about their feelings. Although they play it off as simply a physical attraction, they both feel like they have known each other forever and their relationship grows naturally (although quickly).

I found this to be an enjoyable read and appreciated how the characters looked at their instant attraction in a realistic way, even while falling hard for each other.

The Last Resort

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