“From the Corner of His Eye” by Dean Koontz ★★★

This is my first Koontz. The suspense started off so well with murder, rape, personal tragedy, and surprising ties between different characters. We were able to see inside the mind of a sociopathic serial killer, reading his thoughts and seeing his paranoia increase along with his ego.

There were some humorous asides as the killer thought all women were after him because they just couldn’t help it. He was so handsome, so skilled, so et cetera, et cetera. He was so deluded. He would describe the reactions from women (who were in reality horrified by him) and he would twist those reactions to benefit himself, i.e. they were “pretending” to be coy, or they were just teases, or they really wanted him but they wanted him to take the decision away from them. It was supposed to be frightening, I think, but the way he described his assets and his skills made me laugh.

We were alongside him when he committed his horrific and unemotional kills, and were inside his mind to see why and how he was able to rationalize the need for these murders.

There was a weird sense of something supernatural thrown in that was confusing for most of the book, as the killer is haunted and stalked by his own prey–those who are already dead. It didn’t really end up that way, however, although a strange element is left in the book in the form of quantum mechanics/physics, i.e. the possibility of our other selves living in parallel universes.

This ended up being a disappointing read for me. Although the premise was interesting, it took such a meandering route that it became a chore to finish it. It had too many things going on, too many murders thrown in just to up the suspense but not really adding to the plot, multiple people who were considered prodigies who held unique skills (relating back to the quantum mechanics thing), and an unsatisfying ending. It was just too much all around. I think the book got away from the author.

From the Corner of His Eye by Dean Koontz

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