“Angels’ Blood” (#1 Guild Hunter) by Nalini Singh ★★★★

Angels' Blood

Vampire hunter, Elena Deveraux, is hired by a cadre of seven ruling archangels to help track down an ancient one who has become blood borne, gone rogue, and has fallen into the depths of insanity, murdering countless innocents. Standing her ground because of her inimitable pride and facing off with those more powerful than her has caught the attention of the archangel, Raphael. Something about the two of them together seems fated as she makes him more mortal and as they face an ultimate battle with their enemy, Raphael may be the only one able to save her in the end.

This is reminiscent of the Anita Blake, vampire hunter, series as well as Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress novels as far as having courageous, kick-butt heroines who have something special that draws the unconquerable males to them without fail. This was a quick read, and a great start to this series.

Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh



Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh
#1 Guild Hunters
Audio narrated by Justine Eyre

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